Appreciation Program

         Giving Thanks For a Job Well Done
          in Ashland Public Schools     

What is the "A+ Appreciation" program?

The A+ Appreciation program is designed to provide an easy and thoughtful way to thank members of our school community for making a difference and having a positive impact on an individual, group or the school system as a whole. 

Who is eligible to reward or receive an A+ Appreciation card?

Anyone who is affiliated with the Ashland Public Schools can reward or receive an A+ card.  This includes any member of the school community;   teachers, staff, administrators, students, parents, volunteers and supporters.

Where can I get an A+ stationary card and how can I send it?

You can obtain A+ stationary card in the lobby of each school building or you can print a card at home by clicking on the A + Card link above.  Simply write your personal message of gratitude and send by mail, backpack, hand deliver or drop in the A+  drop off boxes located in the lobby of each school building.

Can I send an A+ card to a group of people?

Yes, you may find that there are times when you would like to recognize the efforts of a group of people.  You may write an A+ card addressed to all of the recipients and request that the card be circulated among all members of the group. 

Are the A+ cards confidential?

There is no tracking or monitoring of the A+ cards.  The person rewarding the card may choose how they would like to deliver it and can keep the process confidential if they wish.  Please consider that recipients of A+ cards may choose to showcase them in a visible site so if you would prefer that your message remain private you should let the recipient know.