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Additional Resources

Career planning is an ongoing process that allows you to rethink and reevaluate yourself and your career options as you have experiences, and as you grow and develop.  Although the Naviance tool we work with at AHS is very useful, parents and students should feel free to explore other career planning websites. Below are some suggestions.

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Understanding Yourself

Exploring Particular Careers:

  • Job Hunter's Bible from Dick Bolles is a supplement to What Color is Your Parachute? and an excellent starting place —

  • University of Waterloo’s Career Development eManual offers a 6-step career planning tool —

  • California Career Zone, though focused on California, offers an interactive way to assess your interests and work values, explore careers, and perform a “reality check” to assess what your ideal lifestyle costs —

  • Career Voyages offers four paths for career exploration, including a search for high-demand careers —

  • Quintessential Career’s Teen Web site offers advice on job seeking, interviewing, and job options, and provides links to helpful job information sites —

  • Mapping Your Future provides information on planning a career, including developing a career plan, assessing skills and interests, and researching occupations —

  • is an employment, career development, and job finding resource for youth —

  • America's Career Infonet provides job market trends, wages, state profiles, and useful career exploration tools including skills assessment tools —

  • Riley Guide offers job resources and employment information, including articles on self-assessments, planning, and finding a job —