Course Selection

The Program of Studies
 indicates which courses are available at Ashland High School, describes the different levels of classes, and indicates how they are weighted in determining the Grade Point Average (GPA).  
The information below provides guidance on how to plan an appropriate course load so graduation requirements, post-secondary requirements, and personal interests are fulfilled.

What to Take?


Planning an educational program is an ongoing process and should involve the student and the adults who know the student best, including parents, teachers, and guidance counselors.


1. Work Together to Select Courses -- High school course selection marks the beginning of responsible decision-making for many students. Parents should be involved in giving both help and direction as a student works through his/her decision.


2. Gather Information -- A major part of the process of course selection involves the gathering of information. Classroom teachers and guidance counselors are valuable resources at this stage.

  • The Program of Studies booklet has been prepared with YOU in mind. Read it first to obtain information on the entire high school curriculum and then read the course selection booklet a second time, more carefully, to obtain specific information on those courses which are either required for next year or those in which you have a particular interest and will elect.
  • The classroom teachers have in-depth knowledge of the content of various courses taught within his/her department. IN ADDITION, HE/SHE IS USUALLY AWARE OF THE LEVEL OF EXPECTATION WITHIN EACH COURSE. Knowing you as a student and the kind of work of which you are capable, your teacher can make valid recommendations as to which courses to take within the department.
  • The guidance counselor has a broad overview of the entire curriculum. Besides having a strong sense of the student’s performance and ability level, the counselor is very much aware of courses necessary to fulfill graduation requirements. The guidance counselor can also provide good advice about the kind of program and courses which will be helpful as you prepare yourself to pursue post-high school plans, whether these be a four/two year college/technical school or immediate entry into the world of work.
  • A student conference can be arranged by coming to the guidance office to make an appointment. A parent/counselor conference can be arranged by calling 508-881-0176. Final placement can be discussed with the principal. Not all student choices can be accommodated within scheduling constraints and school placement policies. Final decisions on placement will be made by the principal.

3. Attend the Orientation for Parents and Students -- This is usually held in mid-winter/spring for the purpose of providing information and assistance in the course selection process. Department chairs, teachers, and counselors may be consulted to help with the selection process.


Freshman Course Registration
Course Selection for Freshmen takes place during the 8th grade and those teachers will recommend the classes they feel are appropriate for each student.  A course selection sheet will come home with the students and parents will have the opportunity to review it with their student, 8th grade teachers and the guidance department before signing the sheet and passing it in to guidance.  Freshman Course Selection Sheet:  front    back
Upperclass Course Registration
At AHS, students will make their course requests in March on line, at which time they will consult with parents and teachers about which courses to take. Core (English, math, science, social studies and world languages) teachers will make recommendations for classes and levels on line.  Parents who disagree with core class recommendations may ask for an override discussion with a guidance counselor.  After an override discussion, parents have the final authority to choose classes not dependent on sequential instruction (math and world languages).  Students not able to request classes on line may complete these forms: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.