Summer 2017 Assignments

All AHS students are expected to read at least one book this summer, using the English link below to a list of titles as their guide.  All AHS World Language (not Spanish I) and some grades 10-12 Social Studies students will have summer learning expectations as well (not 9th grade Social Studies).  Please click the links below for details and a complete listing of approved books by grade and course level:

World Languages (French and Spanish): Summer 2017 AHS World Language requirements - all students grades 9-12 (no summer work for students taking Spanish I CP2) 
Social Studies (grades 10-12 Honors and AP only): Summer 2017 Social Studies requirements grades 10-12 Honors and AP 

Required texts and handouts will be available in the AHS main office between the hours of 8:00 - 2:00.  It is recommended that you call in advance at (508) 881-0177 to make sure someone is there to help you with your summer text books.  Many other classes have additional summer assignments.  These may be mandatory, which means there will be work to hand in or a test on the assignment at the start of the year, or voluntary, meaning it's highly recommended, but not required.  It is up to the student to be sure to complete all mandatory summer assignments prior to the first day of school.  In addition to the above departmental requirements, the following is a list of all AHS courses with mandatory summer assignments for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please click the links for full details:
AP Physics 2
* If teachers have directed students to pick up materials at AHS (books, handouts, etc), these materials can be found in the main office on the counter behind the secretary's desk.  Students with questions about their summer assignments should contact their teacher by email.