Ashland High School Social Studies

The AHS History and Social Studies Department offers a variety of courses and electives.  World History II and the two United States History classes (Early American and Modern American History) are based on requirements set by the State of Massachusetts.  You can download the official Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks by clicking on the underlined link.  Advanced Placement (AP) courses, such as AP European History and AP United States History, are based on expectations set by the College Board.  To learn more about the College Board's AP program, click here to be directed to "AP Central."  The AHS History and Social Studies team is committed to teaching about the historical abuses of institutional racism; click through our slideshow on this topic to find out more information.

Department Members (underlined links indicate a teacher website) and their email address:
  • Ms. Daly,
  • Ms. Hansen,
  • Mr. Roman,
  • Mr. Stygles,
  • Mr. Thomas,
  • Ms. Twomey,
  • Mr. Wurster,

If you have any questions regarding summer reading or course expectations, please email the teacher directly or the Department Liaison (Mr. Wurster).  Required Summer Reading for courses offered at AHS:
  • US I: Early American History (Honors only.)
    • Click here to open the Google Drive of documents/readings for US I Honors. 
  • US II: Modern American History.  
    • There will be no summer reading for the summer of 2020. 
  • AP European History (See Mr. Wurster's AP European History Website) 
    • Summer works focus on various secondary historical interpretations of the Italian Renaissance as well as textbook reading [see below].
    • Read and take structured and detailed notes on Palmer, A History of the Modern World  from Section 6 (The Renaissance in Italy) and Section 7 (The Renaissance outside Italy).  Turn in your essay BY the start of school.
  • AP Psychology
    • Myers, David. Psychology for AP. Worth Publishers: New York, 2014. Units I and II; accompanying vocabulary.
    • Levitt, Steven D., Stephen J. Dubnar.  Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything. New York: Harper, 2009.
    • Slater, Lauren. Opening Skinner’s Box:  Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century. London:  Bloomsbury, 2005.
  • Psychology Honors
    • Slater, Lauren. Opening Skinner’s Box:  Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century. London:  Bloomsbury, 2005.
  • AP US History 
    • Read and take detailed handwritten notes on Chapters 1 (New World Encounters), 2 (New World Experiments:…)  and 3 (Putting Down Roots…) of our AP U.S. History textbook, America Past and Present
    • Read and take general notes on three reading packets of secondary historian interpretations and primary documents regarding Pre-Columbian America (packet "A"), The Columbian Exchange ("B"), and America's Early History ("C").  
    • Further details on readings and assessments (in class test and at home essay) will be provided.
  • AP World History
    • There is no summer reading for AP World History for the summer of 2019.