Biology CP 2

Biology CP 2
Welcome to Biology CP 2! Here is the basic information about the class. Please feel free to email me with any questions at


Term One:  Biology & the scientific method, The Chemistry of life, Cell structure & function, Photosynthesis & cellular respiration

Term Two:  Cell growth & division, Genetics & inheritance, DNA & protein synthesis,

Term Three: Classification & The kingdoms of life, Evolution, The nervous system

Term Four:  Circulatory & respiratory systems, Skeletal & muscular systems, Endocrine system


Calendar:  Students will get a hard copy of the calendar with class topics and assignments at the start of every unit. This is important to help stay organized and on top of work. However, please know it is subject to change. See the calendar sub-title from the left side-bar! 

Course Requirements and Grades:

Grading is on a point system. The range in points is due to an assignment’s length and importance.

         Tests                                        100 points                      Quizzes                   20-30 points

         Lab activities                           10-20 points                   Homework                  5 points

         Lab reports                              20-25 points

Tests and Quizzes:

There will be about three tests per term.  Missed tests MUST made up within 3 days of the absence. Quizzes are given once during a unit to make sure you are understanding the material as we go.


Homework and class activities will always be either marked off for completion or collected & graded. 
All work is due at the beginning of class.  Late work is accepted one day late for half credit. All work should be done neatly and completely.  If either is not done, points will be taken off. Remember, the point of homework is to help YOU understand the material and do better! 

Absences & Make-up Work:

It is your responsibility to get any work you have missed due to an absence!  If you have been absent, please first check your class’ tray and then come check in with me.  You need to make up any work within 2 class periods or it will be a zero. Communication is key if you’re absent!


You are very strongly recommended to keep a three-ring binder for this class!  I will give you a lot of handouts in this class and they will not fit well in a folder.  Having a binder will help you do better. I would also recommend that you don’t have dividers, but put everything into the binder chronologically.


Class Expectations:


What you can expect of me:

-        Respect for every one of you   

-        Being prepared and ready to roll every day! 

-        Appropriate help whenever you need it 

-        Understanding and flexibility when you need it

-        Thorough and timely evaluation of your work   

-        Hard work and always striving to be a better teacher

What I will expect of you:

-        Respect for me, your classmates, and this classroom, and the class policies

-        Being prepared every day and working efficiently  

-        Being an active learner in class 

-        Doing your best work and your own work

-        Working hard, trying your best and challenging yourself!  

And I expect to have a lot of FUN with you all! 

Let’s have a great year!


If you have any questions, please email me at