Class Activities

Class activities:
Periodically I will attached items below for studying help or files that we will download and use in class. Let me know if you'd like a copy of anything posted to review too!
*Survival in an Estuary data activity:
- Open the following link for today's data. If you're using an iPad you'll need to use the Puffin Free App. If you're in Chrome you may have to click "Enable" Adobe at one point: 
      From this site, click on the blue link under "Real time data application" (It may take a second to load)
      Click on the top right drop-down menu where "All types" is  showing, select "Water Quality Stations" 
      Click on the top left drop-down menu and hold down the bottom arrow. This will take a second and patience but it will work!
      Scroll down to the Station Name ELKSMWQ = Elkhorn South Marsh Water Quality. 
      Click on ELKSMWQ to see the characteristics there right now! 
      The scales at the bottom and the top, left box show the conditions right now. But use the links for the "24 hour charts" in that top left box to get the highs and lows from the last 24 hours. You can put your cursor over the graph dots to see the exact data.
      Use the tabs just above the graph to go back/forth of the South Marsh main screen. 
- For Procedure Step 4, data at monthly intervals attached below to find the 2004-5 yearly range

*Dead Zone Data Activity attached below (Excel worksheet)

*Rocky Intertidal Data Activity attached below (Excel worksheet)

*Intertidal Unit Jeopardy! For your reviewing pleasure

*Coral Reef Health Report for homework reading and notes

*Videos/Animations from the Open Ocean Unit:  Good visuals to help review the idea! (Click on links below)
   Upwelling animation (showing how wind + Coriolis effect can push water off shore, causing upwelling)
   Plane animation (Coriolis effect)
   Playground example (Coriolis effect)

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