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Course Expectations
Calendar-September   Calendar-February    Lab Rubric

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  AP Multiple Choice 

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Free Response Template

  True  False Practice 3
Titration Curves
AP LABS     
 True  False  Practice 4Discover Petroleum
Prelab: #30: Neutralization of an Antacid

 True  False  Practice 5Zumdahl Practice Site

  Chemistry Central Science Site

  Ch 10 PP
 Nuclear Decay Practice
 Nuclear Practice 2
  AP Chemistry Review Course Part I
   AP Chemistry Review Course Part II
   SAT II Chemistry Practice
  AP Chemistry review notes / videos  (linuspauling)
Honors Chemistry Semester 1 Semester 2Course Expectations

Calendar-SeptemberCalendar-February  Lab Rubric

Calendar-March    Lab Cover Sheet

Calendar-November  Calendar- April   Practice Problems (1)  

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Calendar-January   Calendar-June    Practice Problems (3)
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   Chemistry Practice / Reference
 Honors LABS    

Honors Chemistry Notes
PreLab: #24 Reaction Rate

- factors which influence the rate of a chemical rx
- rate law
- order

virtual calorimetry lab

Thermochemistry Practice

Kinetics Practice

Kinetics Notes and Practice 


Midterm I Topic Sheet
Midterm I Practice Problems
Midterm I Review Solutions
  Midterm II Topic Sheet
Midterm II Review Practice Problems
Midterm II Review Solutions