Mrs. Sherman's Chemistry Course

 AP Chemistry Semester 1
 Semester 2
Course Expectations
Calendar-September   Calendar-February    Lab Rubric

Calendar-October    Calendar-March    Lab Cover Sheet   

Calendar-November Calendar- AprilPractice Problems 1

Calendar-December Calendar- MayPractice Problems 2
 Calendar- JanuaryCalendar- JunePractice Problems (3)

  AP Multiple Choice 

AP Multiple Choice (2)

 Free Response Template

AP LABS     
Discover Petroleum
- Pre lab: #1 Pycnometer

Zumdahl Practice Site
- (determine info required for
    prelab theory)
  Chemistry Central Science Site
- Due Lab Day: Day G  Ch 10 PP

Summer Assignment 2017  AP Chemistry Review Course Part I
 - review Chapters 1 &2
  AP Chemistry Review Course Part II
 - complete quiz  (due day 1)  SAT II Chemistry Practice
AP Chemistry review notes / videos  (linuspauling)
Honors Chemistry Semester 1 Semester 2Course Expectations

Calendar-SeptemberCalendar-February  Lab Rubric

Calendar-March    Lab Cover Sheet
 Calendar- NovemberCalendar- April Practice Problem (1) 

Calendar- December Calendar-May   Practice Problems  (2)         

Calendar-January   Calendar-June    Practice Problems (3)
   Practice Site Worksheets
   Class Worksheets 
   Chemistry Practice / Reference
 Honors LABS    

Honors Chemistry Notes
 Prelab Due: #2  Density Slope
- definition of density
- intensive property
- graphical analysis
- dependent and independent        variables
- slope

Class Homework Sheets

- Significant Figures
- Dimensional Analysis
- Dimensional Analysis (extra)
- Volume-Density
- Density
- Density Slope
- Heat Energy Q total
- Heat Energy T final