Biography Project

Where to look for a biography book to read:

How to Make a Bottle Buddy

      Paul Revere         Pablo Picasso              Steve Jobs          Annie Oakley  George Washington

When creating your bottle buddy BE CREATIVE. Look for ways to recycle and reuse items around your house. The directions below are ONE WAY to make your bottle buddy. This is your project so make it your own!

1.  Find one empty, dry water bottle.  (2 litter soda bottle) 

2.  Weigh the water bottle by putting something heavy in it.  (small rocks, beans, dirt, or sand) 

3.  Look for a circular object or sphere around the house to use a  a head and glue on it.  (Styrofoam ball, ping pong ball, cut a circle out of paper) 

4.  Draw or paint a face on the sphere.  Decorate the "head" to represent the famous person.

5.  Glue hair on it. (yarn, string, ribbon, paint, cloth - anything you can find)

6.  Create clothing for your bottle.  Use scrap fabric to construct an outfit for the bottle that would be typical of what was worn during the famous person's life.(construction paper, felt, tissue paper or cloth) 

7.  Wrap the clothing and glue around your bottle.  

8.  Construct arms for the bottle person by using pipe cleaners, cardboard, or other items and fix (glue) them in place.  (They can be bendable or made out of paper) 

9.  You can add items that represent the person you researched.  Your bottle buddy can wear or hold the items you made. 

10.  HAVE FUN creating your project!!

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