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Melissa Mercon Smith, Director

90 Concord Street

Ashland, MA 01721



The best way to contact the Director is via email which is monitored constantly throughout the day. Someone also is available by phone from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. during the school year.

Summer Break - Send an email, and someone will get back to you asap.

The Ashland Extended Day Program is a self-supporting program
offering enrichment experiences to children in Kindergarten through Grade 6
who need supervised care when school is not in session.

The program is governed by the Ashland Public Schools and a Parent Advisory Board.


During this most unusual year, we are quite proud of the fact that we have been able to continue offering both Before and After School in a safe manner. We are following all of the protocols put forth by the Ashland Public School System, our rooms and equipment are sanitized regularly, and most recently we were issued air purifiers along with all of the other classrooms. The staff has worked diligently to develop lessons which afford children access to exciting and social activities while continuing our safety measures. For example, rather than a joint cooking activity where everyone might contribute a bit to the process, students in one of our programs made homemade ice cream in individual ziplock bags. We look forward to a time where these concerns are a thing of the past, but until then, we are confident in our ability to provide students with the same safe and enriching environment families have come to expect.

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We have openings in our Before School Program and a waiting list in our After School Program.

If you would like to register for the Extended Day Program,

please email the Director, Melissa Mercon Smith at mmerconsmith@ashland.k12.ma.us.


    The possibilities for creativity within this program are limitless because, although the program falls under the aegis of the Ashland Public Schools, it is separate and enjoys a great deal of autonomy. The Superintendent of Schools, The Parent Advisory Board, and parents of children enrolled all have a great deal of optimism and high expectations for the program. This is an enrichment program, an opportunity for children to be nurtured and to learn to make mature choices while having good after school fun with their schoolmates.

    The focus of the Ashland Extended Day Program is not merely to continue the academic school day or to be an elaborate day care.  The Extended Day Program will strive to help students to acquire important decision-making skills by providing numerous activities to choose from without constantly imposing specific activities upon the entire group. These choices will increase in developmentally appropriate increments.

    The Extended Day Program offers unique after-school enrichment services to children and allows them to explore things they may not have the opportunity to do at home or can't do during the school day. Arts and crafts, non-competitive games, sports, storytelling, STEM, thematic units, cooking, music and theater, and field trips are all interwoven to provide the students with a wide variety of enjoyable and stimulating experiences in a warm and caring environment. Time is set aside for children wishing to read, do their homework, or play quietly. In addition, a variety of special clubs and offerings are made available such as iPad Club, Art Club, Chess Wizards, Drum Club, 6th Grade Cooking Club, ImagArena, Batik, Printmaking, Kickball League, etc. Through such activities, students build up confidence in their own skills; instead of feeling, "I can't", we want them to develop an attitude of "I'll try." At the beginning of each year, an effort will be made to determine the interests of the children and have activities match these interests.