Gold Rush Photos

There's nothing like the rumor of hidden gold to bring out the prospector in anyone! Almost 100 Mindess EDP students and their younger siblings hunted for gold outside the gym at our annual Gold rush and then used the gold to "pay" for activities such as Swirl Art, The Claw, Ski Ball, and Buckaroo. Parents and older siblings pitched in to help by running the various activities, and winners could exchange their tickets at the prize table for books, toys, or mini sports equipment. After the games, everyone enjoyed dinner together with fried chicken, baked potatoes, homemade chili, roasted veggie wraps, hot dogs, and desserts donated by parents. A special shout out to the staff and high school volunteers who set up, decorated, cooked up a storm, served, and cleaned up. Thanks to everyone for a great year and memories to last a lifetime!

The calm before the storm….

Some things never change, Aditya.

J.D. is too cool for school!

What will it be?

Guesstimating the weight of her gold….

Perfect guess, Eliza!

Such concentration, Maya!

Gone fishin'

Getting creepier….

Prize Table - Decisions, decisions...

Anish shows his creative side.

Are you talking' to me?

Some fancy dancing!

Nice ink, Jace!

Ummm…Natalia, it's time to shave!