Tuition Rates


2017 - 2018

(10th year in a row without an increase)

BREAKFAST BUNCH (Opens at 7:00 a.m.)

# of Days Attending

1 morning/week                     $  26.60/month

2 mornings/week                   $  53.20/month

3 mornings/week                   $  79.80/month

4 mornings/week                   $106.40/month

5 mornings/week                   $133.00/month


AFTERNOON (Ends at 6:00 p.m.)

NOTE: Listed below is the basic tuition. An additional monthly fee between $1.00 and $10.00 is added to cover the cost of Early Release days. This is determined by which days of the week your child attends. Please refer to the school calendar for exact E.R. days.

# of Days Attending (Prices include snack)

1 day/week            $  68.40/month                                 

2 days/week          $136.80/month                   

3 days/week          $205.20/month                                     

4 days/week          $273.60/month                                     

5 days/week          $352.00/month (Already includes $10.00 Early Release fee)

If your child attends a combination of any of morning and afternoon sessions, simply find the appropriate figures in each section and add them for a total monthly figure. 

20% discount for the younger child in a family

NOTE:  If you feel you may be able to demonstrate eligibility for financial assistance, please request a financial aid application.