6th Grade FAQ's

Q.  How do I get from the Middle School to the Mindess?

A.  You will be assigned a bus to ride.


Q.  What if I miss the bus from Middle School to the Mindess?

A.  You may take another bus to the Mindess.


Q.  What if I miss all of the buses?

A.  Go back into the school and call the EDP to let them know. Take the late bus to EDP. If it is a Friday, you will have to wait for your parent to pick you up at the Mindess School.


Q.  May I walk from the Middle School to the Mindess School?

A.  Never!


Q.  May I stay after school for extracurricular activities or homework help?

A.  Yes, just call and let us know, then take the late bus to EDP.


Q.  How do I get to EDP on days when the Mindess EDP has Early Release but the Middle School does not?

A.  You will be given a specific bus number to ride on those days.


Q.  Are there any special activities for 6th Graders at EDP?

A. Yes – Cooking Club and the Pittaway Teachers’ Aide program have always been a favorite with 6th graders. In addition, you will have exclusive access to the REC room when you first arrive at EDP. This is your time to relax together without the younger students or teachers looking over your shoulder. 6th Graders also have sole responsibility as MC’s for the Variety Show as well as helping out with the Pittaway Variety Show and Fiesta. In general, 6th graders are given as much independence at EDP as they demonstrate they can handle.


Additional FAQ's submitted by former 6th graders


Q.  What do you do when you arrive at the Mindess School?

A.  Put your things in your locker and report to EDP.


Q.  Will I have a locker at EDP?

A.  Definitely!


Q.  Will I see my former Mindess teachers?

A.  You may see them in the hallway or make an appointment to visit them.