Homework Policy

All children are asked daily if they have homework, but we do not check individual backpacks or agendas. If you find your child has neglected to do his/her homework during EDP, please let us know right away so we can monitor the situation more closely.

Teachers at the Mindess School have asked us to refrain from correcting the children's homework as we do with Warren students. This is because confusion can result due to a lack of understanding on our part of exactly what a teacher might be looking for in an assignment. This can result in incorrect work being passed in. However, individual arrangements can be made between parents and teachers to allow us to help students who need added assistance. If your child needs extra help with homework while at EDP, please contact his/her teacher to ask if this is acceptable. However, please understand that extended one-on-one assistance is not possible on a daily basis.

In the event of a field trip, party, or other special event, study period may be held later in the afternoon, or, on occasion, not at all. Please understand that occasionally your child might come home with unfinished homework due to scheduling differences here at EDP.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director at 881-8509.