Puberty Books To Borrow - Boys & Girls

As your children are getting older, I would like to let you know that the Extended Day Program has purchased several books to loan out. The titles we have available are What's Happening To Me? by Peter Mayle, My Body, My Self for Boys, My Body, My Self for Girls, both by Lynda Madaras and Area Madaras, and The Care And Keeping of You, The Body Book For Girls from The American Girl library. I haven't read the books completely; but in looking through them, they seemed to offer some helpful information for both parents and children.

Other books you might find helpful are: Where Did I come From? by Peter Mayle, The What's Happening to My Body Book For Girls by Lynda Madaras (I believe there is one of these for boys, also), and But Everyone Else Looks So Sure of Themselves, A Guide To Surviving The Teen Years by Denise V. Lang. If you know of any other books, which might help other parents get through these interesting years, please pass the information along. Thanks!