December News

Dear Parents:

     December has certainly come upon us quickly!  The Warren EDP staff hopes everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, however it was spent.  During the holiday season, many parents and children enjoy remembering the teachers with a small gift.  While this has always been appreciated, we would much prefer a donation to a local food pantry or help a family in need.  COVID-19 has affected  us all in some way; spread the cheer in any way you can! 


      There are  exciting things going on  at Warren EDP this month!   Flashlight Tag (a Warren EDP tradition) is back for the first week in December!  Also, the children will be making glass votives, creating Sock Snow People, playing Candy Cane Tag, and the list goes on.


     Our December birthday celebration will take place on Friday. Dec. 17.    Happy Birthday this month to  Omkar K.,  Zachary A., Connor K.  and Lilian T.!  Also, please note that we are celebrating November birthdays on 12/2.  The November birthday celebration was postponed from an earlier date.


     December 23rd is an early release day.  There is no afternoon EDP.  Please be sure to let your child’s teacher know of their dismissal plan.  Breakfast Bunch will be open that morning.



     Be sure to send your child to school with a jacket!  We go outside everyday unless it’s raining.  It can cool off considerably after 3:30, so please be sure your child comes to school with appropriate clothing.



   You can find the Ashland Extended Day Program on the Ashland Public Schools website.  The link can be found under “Parents”.  Here you can see what is going on for the month as well as view our blog and any recent tweets on Twitter.  We are also on Facebook!


     Tuition is due on or before the 25th of each month for the following month.  Tuition for the month of September is due on 8/30.    We do not send out a monthly bill for tuition.   You may submit a check or money order in person  or mail to Ashland Extended Day, 73 Fruit St., Ashland, MA, 01721.   A $5.00 late fee is added after 5 business days of non-payment.  Please make checks payable to APS-Warren EDP.  Here is a schedule for when tuition is due for the year 2021-22:

December:  11/30

January:  1/3

February:  1/25

March:  2/28

April:  3/25

May:  4/25

June:  5/25, if applicable

Please note that due to the December holiday vacation, January tuition is due when school is back in session on Jan. 3  and then February tuition is due a few weeks later on Jan. 25.


  EDP is back to its normal pick-up procedure.  Parents can come into the EDP room now, and a teacher will call for your child to come from wherever s/he is (gym, dining room). The EDP room is in between the library and the dining room on the right. Please be patient with us the first month as we learn new faces and ask for identification upon pick up.

       The Ashland Extended Day Program closes each day at 6:00.  If you do not think you will be able to pick your child by 6:00, please be sure to arrange for someone else to pick your child up.  EDP staffers work other jobs, have families and obligations too, so please be respectful of time.    The cost for late pick up is $1.00 per minute.  



      Please please please remember to call or email the Warren EDP ( before 2:00)  if your child is not coming in the afternoon or if he or she gets picked up early from school.  We understand that this is just one more “blip on the radar” for busy parents, but it is essential that you let us know with a phone call.  There have been a few mix ups this past month which have resulted in searches for “missing” children.  Sometimes the office forgets to write in a bus note, children forget to give notes to teachers, or we miss a name on the absentee list, so if we have phone calls or emails about children not coming to EDP there won’t be any confusion.   Your child’s safety is our main concern!

Thank you!

The Warren EDP Staff:

Laura St. Pierre-Assistant Director

Laurie Nanos-Teacher/Acting Head Teacher (M-TH)

Carol Ferrier-Teacher &Breakfast Bunch Head Teacher (M-F)

Christine Pocas-Teacher (M &F)

Susan Faranda-Teacher & Breakfast Bunch teacher  (M-F)

Ashley Faranda-Teacher (M &F) & Breakfast Bunch Teacher (M,W,TH,F)

Shannon Gallagher-Aide (M-F)

Lisa Kane-Teacher (T,W,TH)

Ruchi Pathak-Teacher (T,W,TH)

      Please do not hesitate to call or email  with any questions or concerns.  You can send emails to


Check us out at  Click on PARENTS and you will see the Extended Day Program.