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JUNE 2018

Dear Parents:

    As the 2018-19 school year comes to a close,  the Warren EDP staff would like to thank all of the Warren EDP families for all of the support and kindness throughout the year.  Our special events during the year (Halloween Party, Variety Show) were possible because of the great desserts that were supplied and the flexibility with rehearsal schedules.  The Luau was a “Hawaiian” success due to the many parent and sibling volunteers that enthusiastically participated and jumped in to lend a hand with an unmanned table or clean up.  We cannot thank you all enough!!  We will be saying goodbye to the current second graders as they move on to the Mindess EDP next year or to other towns, and we will be welcoming back the current first graders as they “step up” to second grade!  


    In the next few weeks, we will be busy getting ready for the summer.  Some of the things we like to do in June are playing favorite games and reminiscing about our year together.  Don’t worry: we still have many fun, new activities planned for the month!  Speaking of fun:  EDP is having the Juniper Farms ice cream truck pay a visit on Thursday, June 7!  The truck will be here around 4:00.  If your child does not normally attend on Thursdays but would like to come, just send an email or give us a call.  For those children who have allergies, lactose and gluten sensitivities, you can check out the Juniper Farms website:  to find out the ingredients for specific brands and novelties.  We will check the ice cream wrapper for allergens but it will help us immensely if you could let us know if there are specific ice cream bars/cones/popsicles we should avoid (for example, Nutty Buddy).  This special treat is completely paid for by EDP, so please do not send money.


    The last day of school is Thursday, June 21st.  EDP is open until 6:00 that day. A notice about the last day of school will be sent via email on June 1st to families that have children that attend on Thursdays.  These notices are due by June 8th!



    We will be celebrating our June birthdays on Tuesday, June 5th.  Happy June Birthday to:  Evelina C. and Brady M.!

   We will be celebrating our July birthdays on Tuesday, June 12th.  Happy July Birthday to:  Taisiya B., Branden L. and Michelle M.!

    We will be celebrating August birthdays on Tuesday, June 19h.  Happy August Birthday to: Lorelai C., Eva F-E., Rory H., and Drew L.  Any parents wishing to bring in a special treat for their birthday child’s celebration are welcome to do so.  Please let one of the teachers know, as we do have several children with food allergies to consider.  If your child does not normally attend EDP on these days and is part of our birthday crew listed above, we would love to have him or her as our guest.  

As always, please remember to call us or send an email if your child will not be attending EDP on any given day.  Searching the bus lines, having Mrs. Paolini in the office call a bus back, and making phone calls at 3:05 to locate a child because of miscommunication takes us away from the rest of the children. It usually requires two teachers to conduct a “search”, and our main concern is the safety of all of our EDP children.  Our phone number is 508-532-8043.  You can also send an email to:   You need to call or email before 2:45!

The Ashland Extended Day Program closes each day at 6:00.  If you do not think you will be able to pick your child by 6:00, please be sure to arrange for someone else to pick your child up.  EDP staffers work other jobs, have families and obligations too, so please be respectful of time.    The cost for late pick up is $1.00 per minute.  

     Please do not hesitate to call, email, or stop in to the EDP room with any questions or concerns.  You can send emails to   



    Our Parent Advisory Board will have a vacancy next year that we hope you will consider. The position requires attendance at three yearly meetings as well as a willingness to offer support to the program throughout the year as needed. At this time we invite anyone who is interested in filling this position to submit a resume and a letter of intent telling us a little bit about you. Parents of all interests and qualifications are encouraged to apply. Please submit all information to the Extended Day Program by Wednesday, June 20th. All information will be passed on to the Parent Advisory Board, which will meet in October to make a decision. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Melissa Mercon Smith at

     The Warren EDP Staff hopes you all have a happy, healthy and fun-filled summer.  Thank you for the opportunity to get re-acquainted with your child this year, or to get to know him or her for the first time.  This year has been fun for all of us, and we hope to create many more fond memories and great times next year as well.  Enjoy the summer months!


The Warren EDP Staff:

Carol Ferrier

Maureen Flanigan

Christine Leacu

Laurie Nanos

Laura St. Pierre

Becca Tosti

Alexa Feizidis

Kayla Ferrier

Hailey Paolini

Samantha Shaffer



Check us out at  Click on PARENTS and you will see the Extended Day Program.