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Dear Parents:

    After a few months of planning, organizing, and cleaning in anticipation of the new school year, we are ready to see some familiar faces and get to know some new ones.  Laura. St. Pierre, Laurie Nanos, Carol Ferrier, Maureen Flanigan,  Christine Leacu  are returning for another fun-filled year at EDP, along with our  high school aides  Alexa Feizidis and Kayla Ferrier.   We welcome  Ms. Lyn Bowen as a teacher Monday-Thursday, and Hailey Paolini (M. T, W) and Samantha Shaffer (TH) as our new aides.   We congratulate Becca Tosti as she is promoted from an aide to a teacher on Fridays!   Please be sure to check out the staff bios on the website and on the EDP classroom windows.   We look forward to being an enriching part of your child’s day!  Now, some info about the afternoons at Warren EDP…


    Each day that your child is scheduled to attend EDP, he/she will be dismissed from his/her classroom at 3:15 and will go directly to the EDP room.  The EDP classroom is located next to the dining room.   After putting his/her belongings in an assigned cubby  or basket, the children will either  go outside for recess, have snack,  or gather in the EDP room for a meeting.   Second graders put their belongings in the cubbies inside the room, while first graders use the baskets set up in front of the stage in the dining room.  


    Recess typically lasts for 30 minutes, depending on the weather and other events.  If it rains or is too cold to go outside, we will utilize the gym as an option for indoor recess if it is available.  Please be sure your child wears appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor play.  Flip-flops, sandals, and dress shoes are unsafe for running on the playground and in the gym, as well as on climbing structures.  


     EDP provides a daily snack and drink for your child.  All snacks and drinks meet the guidelines of the Wellness Policy for the Ashland Public Schools.  Every staff member is aware of children with food allergies,  sensitivities and restrictions.


    The Warren EDP has a homework session every day except on Fridays and days before a long weekend or holiday.   If your child does not have homework on a given day, or does not do homework with us, he/she will have some quiet time in the classroom where he/she can read.  (Every child is typically assigned 15-20 minutes of reading per day by their teacher.)   This “quiet” time will last for about 20 minutes.   This gives the homework children time to complete their assignment(s) and still enjoy the activities EDP has to offer later in the afternoon.  Please note that all children will attend the homework session for the first few weeks of school so they can become accustomed to checking their backpacks for homework, as well as learning about appropriate homework etiquette and behavior.  The homework session will take place from approximately 4:20-4:50.


    The teachers at the Warren EDP plan special activities each day for your child.  Starting at approximately 5:00, your child will have one of three areas to choose from:  Free Choice in the classroom, Project in the cafeteria, or gym activities/movement  in the gym.  We will do our best to ensure that each child makes choices that give him/her a variety of experiences, but ultimately we believe that this is their time when they can decide how to spend their afternoon.    During free choice, children are allowed to choose activities in the classroom, whether it’s using the computers, drawing, building with blocks and other materials, playing board games or utilizing the Dramatic Play/Discovery Center area.  Project takes place in the Dining Room, and this activity time includes more in-depth arts & crafts, science experiments, cooking, and any other unusual projects we come up with.  Gym time (in the gym) is when children can run around and have fun while playing and learning team games.  They also love to have free choice in the gym where they can play games one-on-one with a friend or by themselves to practice individual skills.  In addition to these activity sessions, EDP also offers various clubs for the children to sign up for during the year.   We are having ImagArena Club again this year, starting on September 14 and running for 6 weeks ( no club on 9/21), for 2nd graders only.  On Friday, September 15, we will have a one-time trial ImagArena workshop for 1st graders.  It will be from 4:15-5:00.  This is to see whether or not your child would be interested in a future ImagArena session;  dates for this ImagArena session to be announced at a later time.   We also are offering 2 five week Art Clubs in September and November for those interested.  It is for both 1st and 2nd graders.  Flyers for ImagArena and Art Club will be emailed along with a copy of this newsletter.


   Each month, the Warren EDP celebrates birthdays by having a birthday “party” on a selected day during the month.  The birthday celebration includes a birthday snack sent in by the parents of the birthday children and a goody bag for each birthday child, supplied by EDP.   September birthdays will be celebrated on Tuesday, Sept. 19.   Please let an EDP teacher know if you would like to send in a birthday snack.  Some suggested snacks are:  mini cupcakes, fruit snacks, crackers and cheese, veggies and dip, popcorn, etc.  

HAPPY SEPTEMBER BIRTHDAY to Logan A., Leah D., Stefania, Emma, and Neo!!  


  You can find the Ashland Extended Day Program on the Ashland Public Schools website.  The link can be found under “Parents”.  Here you can see what is going on for the month as well as view our blog and any recent tweets on Twitter.



    EDP is open until 6:00 on all Early Release/Dismissal Days, with the exception of 11/22 (the day before Thanksgiving), and 12/22 (the day before Winter Vacation).   Only Breakfast Bunch will be held these days; there will be no afternoon EDP.  The Early Release Days for the first half of the year are as follows:  10/18, 10/31, 11/1, and 11/2.  Please keep in mind that the Ashland Extended Day Program follows the Ashland Public Schools calendar.  We are not open on holidays, school vacations, and snow days.


    Tuition is due on or before the 25th of each month for the following month.  We do not send out a monthly bill for tuition.  Tuition for the month of September is due on Aug.30.   You may submit a check or money order in person  or mail to Ashland Extended Day, 73 Fruit St., Ashland, MA, 01721.   A $5.00 late fee is added after 5 business days of non-payment.  Here is a schedule for when tuition is due for the year of 2017-18:

                                            September:  8/30

            October:  9/25

            November:  10/25

            December:  11/27

            January:  1/2

            February:  1/25

            March:  2/26

            April:  3/26

            May:  4/25

            June:  5/25, if applicable

Please note that due to the December holiday vacation, January tuition is due when school is back in session on Jan. 2 and then February tuition is due a few weeks later on Jan. 25.


   The Ashland Extended Day Program closes each day at 6:00.  If you do not think you will be able to pick your child by 6:00, please be sure to arrange for someone else to pick your child up.  EDP staffers work other jobs, have families and obligations too, so please be respectful of time.    The cost for late pick up is $1.00 per minute.  

     Please do not hesitate to call, email, or stop in to the EDP room with any questions or concerns.  You can send emails to   Welcome back!!

The Warren EDP Staff:

Laura St. Pierre-Assistant Director

Laurie Nanos-Teacher/Acting Head Teacher

Lyn Bowen-Teacher

Carol Ferrier-Teacher

Maureen Flanigan-Teacher

Christine Leacu-Teacher

Becca Tosti-Teacher

Alexa Feizidis-Aide

Kayla Ferrier-Aide

Hailey Paolini-Aide

Samantha Shaffer-Aide


Check us out at  Click on PARENTS and you will see the Extended Day Program.