Mr. Wurster first walked into AHS in 1998 and, with the exception of the 2004-2005 school year (during which he was "forced" to teach in Hawaii), has been a vocal and energetic member of the high school's History/Social Studies department.  He is also currently the Department Liaison, and he is more than happy to field questions from the community about department policies and curriculum.

To contact Mr. Wurster, you can call AHS or email him at:

For the coming school year, Mr. Wurster will be teaching Advanced Placement European History, United States History II: Modern American History, Archaeology and History and Film.  Click on the appropriate links (at right) to be redirected to the official class pages.  Calendars, assignments, and resources found on his webpages can be utilized by both students and parents alike.

Course Offerings (for current school year):
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Additional Courses (not offered in this current school year):

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