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AP European History:
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"Birthplace of the Renaissance" 
The Italian city of Firenze (Florence) is noted has being the "birthplace" of the Renaissance. Ever wonder why? Part of that has to do with the sheer volume of art that came out of this amazing city.  Click on this link to visit the official website for the Uffizi Museum Galleries, where you can take a virtual tour of the museum and see the best in Renaissance-era artwork. Start your tour by clicking here! 

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To many, when the Roman Empire fell (or, at least, the Western half of it) in AD 476, European life was coming to an end.  Non-Latin speaking barbarians fought rivals for pitiful kingdoms as Europe sunk into an era of illiteracy, pestilence, and constant violence.  But were these really Europe's Dark Ages?  Follow this link to learn more about Europe's medieval period (or Middle Ages) and discover for yourself!  Check out medieval Cathedrals!  Learn the symptoms for the plague!  Watch a short video about the Middle Ages!  And then. . .blog about YOUR opinion!

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