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Paths to Power
Louis Quatorze did it.  Peter the Great did it as well.  Why not James I/VI or Charles I?  Why not William of Orange? 


Activities (and Links) of Note
  • COMING SOON: Louis XIV hits the "Big Time!"
  • Check out the Palace of Versailles official website!  There is so much to see. . . and, if you are in to multimedia, check out that particular page (follow the multimedia link by clicking here).  On the multimedia page you can take virtual tours and even download podcasts for your ipod!
  • Leonardo di Caprio fans will want to check out the film version of The Man in the Iron Mask, which takes place during the reign of Louis XIV and features the (aged) Three Musketeers.  This film, based off the classic by Alexandre Dumas, connects to one of Mr. W's favorite 17th/18th century "conspiracy theories!"

Photo Slide Show: Cathedrals!
The Middle Ages were also sometimes known as the "Age of Faith" for the extraordinary power and influence of the Roman Catholic Church during the era. Check out this photo slideshow and learn a little about one of the incredible cathedrals of the age: Notre Dame, located in Paris, France!

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