Europe's Medieval Period: The Middle (or Dark) Ages

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Europe's Middle Ages
Your summer reading is designed to delve into Europe's Middle Ages and, while that certainly will give you a great background to medieval Europe, this page is designed to entice students to learn even more. Does medieval Europe really deserve the monicker of "the Dark Ages?" Were these years really that dark?!? Check out some of the features below and then vote in the poll on the AP Euro blog!

Activities (and Links) of Note
  • COMING SOON: Download and watch Mr. W's "mini-doc" on the Middle Ages.
  • COMING SOON: Want to earn a few bonus points and learn about the plague that swept through Europe during the Middle Ages? Click on this Webquest: Connections to Science ~ The Mystery of the Black Death and send it to Mr. W before the start of school!
  • Interested in medieval sieges? Want to see an incredibly devastating engine of war during the Middle Ages?! Check out this PBS Nova website -- you can find out all about life in a castle. . . before "destroying" one online!
  • Know someone who is a gossip?  Someone who acts like a pig?  Check out this page on German schandmaskes (Masks of Shame), which was an old tradition considered so effective that it carried on into the Early Modern period in Europe!
  • Got a rainy day this summer? (Hope not!) Are you a movie buff? Check out Heath Ledger in the Hollywood film A Knight's Tale. Set during the Middle Ages, this story of a "wanna be" jousting knight has an. . .interesting take. . .on Europe's medieval period.
  • Are you a voracious reader? (Hope so!) Any fan of medieval Europe will love the stories about the legendary King Arthur and his court of famous knights and ladies. I strongly recommend the Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory. It was one of my favorite books as a kid!  Get it from your library!

Photo Slide Show: Cathedrals!
The Middle Ages were also sometimes known as the "Age of Faith" for the extraordinary power and influence of the Roman Catholic Church during the era. Check out this photo slideshow of Notre Dame that has been posted to Mr. W's Shutterfly companion website.  DON'T FORGET TO WATCH IT IN FULL SCREEN MODE!!