The All-New, All Different AP European History Exam

In 2016 the College Board is implementing the new AP European History exam.  Students can visit the official College Board site on the exam by clicking here.  A list of both class and external resources approved or provided by your teacher can be found in the column list (at right).

The new exam puts a highlighted focus on historical thinking skills so be certain to download information pertaining to these skills.

This does not mean that our workload is significantly lighter, or that the pace of the course has changed dramatically.  Read through the Brief Guide to the new exam for more information.
Class Resources
  • W's overview of the New Exam (A Brief and Irreverent Guide)
  • W's HITS (Historical / Intellectual Thinking Skills) Sheet
  • W's Rubric: The Short Response
  • W's Rubric: The Long Response Essay
  • W's Rubric: The Document Based Question

External Resources