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The Reformation, Counter Reformation and
The Wars of Religion
If you think controversy over erecting religious buildings began with the plan to build a mosque near "9/11 Ground Zero" in New York is a new phenomenon, think again (See recent news article by clicking on this link).  During the Age of Reformation, religious intolerance in Europe skyrocketed and, once mixed with politics, evolved into the Wars of Religion.  

How did it begin?  With a hammering, some say.  The hammering sound of Martin Luther tacking his famous 95 Theses (click on link to read), which thundered in its criticism of papal powers and the sale of indulgences, to the castle door in Wittenburg.  But the questioning of the Roman Catholic Church, Western Europe's dominant religious institution, had been going on long before Luther.  So what made Luther different?

With this unit, we will delve into the religious divide in Europe, examine the heated debates about theology, and see how all of this played a role in shaping the politics of the continent.

Activities (and Links) of Note

  • Check out the PBS website on their video/DVD film Martin Luther: The Reluctant Revolutionary.  This is a great background to Luther -- and there is a bonus webquest that goes along with the site.  Earn bonus points and gain a greater understanding for the so-called "father of the Protestant Reformation!"
  • There is no one quiz (or Sparknotes quiz, for that matter) on the Reformation.  There are easy ones (click on this "In depth" quiz or this other, "timed Quick Quiz" and you'll feel confident!). . .and there are moderate ones as well.  Good luck!

Photo Slide Show: Cathedrals!
The Middle Ages were also sometimes known as the "Age of Faith" for the extraordinary power and influence of the Roman Catholic Church during the era. Check out this photo slideshow and learn a little about one of the incredible cathedrals of the age: Notre Dame, located in Paris, France!

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