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The Renaissance
It is no accident that AP Euro opens with the "rebirth" of Europe and the transition from the "Dark Ages" of medieval Europe into the modern world of the Renaissance. The "cultural phenom" that was the Renaissance was more than a transitionary period, of course. It was a defining age, one that shaped everything that followed. Take a look at some of the things that changed, inspired, and rocked the world of the Renaissance by clicking on the links below!

Featured Activities (and Links) of Note
  • The Italian city of Firenze (Florence) is noted has being the "birthplace" of the Renaissance. Ever wonder why? Click on this link to visit the official website for the Uffizi Museum Galleries, where you can take a virtual tour of the museum and see the best in Renaissance-era artwork. Start your tour by clicking here!
  • Check out Da Vinci's The Last Supper for a digital age!  Read the CNN news report or see the official page for the Park Avenue Armory museum in New York City!  How cool is this?!?!?
  • Mr. W's "Top Secret" Video. To be launched after school begins.
  • As artists from all over Europe visited Italy and then brought Renaissance techniques to their homelands, new styles of art spread into mainland Europe. The German artist Albrecht Durer, considered the "Leonardo of the North" for his talent, even wrote a treatise on such techniques. Follow this link about Durer and see some of his incredible art.
  • The most ambitious of readers will want to read Irving Stone's classic, The Agony and the Ecstasy, the dramatic tale of Michelangelo and his creations.

Renaissance Rome and the Basilica of St. Peter
Florence may have been the "birthplace" of the Italian Renaissance, but the cultural phenomenon did spread throughout the Italian peninsula, and this included Rome. Ambitious popes sought to glorify themselves and the Church: Julius II, the "Warrior pope," commissioned Raphael to paint the Vatican libraries, Bramante (and later Michelangelo) to design a worthy cathedral for St. Peter, and Michelangelo to paint the ceiling of Pope Sixtus' chapel. Two links will provide you with a look into the stunning results of the "High Renaissance," when Rome was reborn into the modern age.

  • Click here to view Mr. W's photo slide show tour of Vatican City, which includes a focus on Renaissance-era works.
  • Or click here to visit the official (and awesome!) Vatican 360 degree photo VR-Tour of the Basilica St. Peter.

Additional Activities (and Links)
  • Go experience the Renaissance for yourself: go check out King Richard's Faire, New England's largest fair, located west of Plymouth.
  • Mr. W's "Top Ten" Florence Sites. Shot on location in Florence, this "campy" video was made for Mr. W's parents. Click here to check out Mr. W's favorite Renaissance Florence sites.
  • AP Euro Blog: Vote for the Renaissance artist YOU feel is the best to represent the time period! Discuss Renaissance works!
  • Prep up with a Sparknotes quiz on the Renaissance!  It may not be perfect (and it may have a few odd questions), but it should help.