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Spring 2013

Current Assignment:
The Vietnam webquest.
You can download this file at the bottom of the page.  
Whatever you do not complete in class you should finish for homework.

Summer 2012

  • A guide to Mr. W's AP US Class.
  • The list of summer reading assignments.
  • An "Optional Primary Source Reading Packet" (reproduced here as a PDF in large print):
  • Part One and Part Two (separated to make downloading easier).
  • The first day's review chart (comparing European colonies).

  • Our fellow Americans are failing when it comes to history!  Only 12% (that's twelve percent!!) of high school seniors scored "proficient" in the National Assessment of Educational Progress exam that tested American history.  Some kids could not even identify President Lincoln!  Brutal!  Check out this ABC news article and video. . . and be inspired to learn!

    Gearing up for some colonial history?  Fun and/or Random material on the colonial history includes:

    • It isn't quite Disneyland. . . but Plymouth is a local historical site that is worth a visit.  Skip the rock, but check out the Mayflower, the plantation and the local museums.  Then grab yourself a lobster (pronounced "lob-stah") roll in one of the local eateries.  Check out Plymouth destinations on the Plymouth website.
    • Revolutionary War Era fans will want to check out Concord, Massachusetts and especially the Minute Man National Historical Park.  Bring in a photo of you on the Old North Bridge and get bonus points on a quiz!  Check out the park link by clicking here.
    • Want to go back in time and sign the Declaration of Independence?  Well. . .you can't.  But with this "Join the Signers" App you can at least digitally "sign" the document.
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