I don't write recommendations.  I spend a good deal of time writing tailored evaluations that can be used as recommendations for NHS, job opportunities, and of course, college applications.  If I agree to write you a recommendation, I will honestly and sincerely consider you as an individual and write you an individual letter.  Because I put valuable time and effort into your recommendation, I do make certain requests of you and your time.

In all cases, you must "waive your rights" to see/read my recommendations (on all forms).

Students should probably ask me in writing for recommendations/evaluations, as it is an appropriate gesture for a formal (and often, serious) process.  In all cases, students should provide me with:
  • A resume (which includes all clubs, activities, etc.)
  • The reason you selected me to write a recommendation for you.  Focus on what you accomplished in class.
Students requesting college recommendations should additionally consider providing  me with the AHS Guidance Department "About You" Sheet if there is important information that can be conveyed using that form.

It is my advice that you elect to have me file your recommendation electronically (through the Naviance system).  If you need a paper recommendation, please provide me with:
  • A copy of the "Common Application Teacher Evaluation form" WITH our school information already pre-typed on the form.
  • A self-addressed stamped envelope (with the appropriate postage) for each school to which you are applying.
All of the above requests are reasonable policies and you should probably consider following these guidelines for all your teachers.

Recommendations/evaluations come on a "first come, first serve" basis.  Typically, students ask me in the spring for letters to go our in the fall of the following school year.  Most of the letters of recommendation I write are done so over the summer and are completed by the start of school as, once classes begin, I honestly do not have the time to take on such tasks.  After October 1, I will no longer accept any recommendation requests.

I will do my best to serve you and provide you with the most competent evaluation/recommendation possible.  Best of luck in whatever venture you are undertaking,