Welcome to Biology... 2019-2020 School year.  

Welcome to Bio Class! 

What you should have on your desk at the start of each class: two pocket folder, pen (blue or black), pencil, all current papers.  After all unit tests we will use the clip and file method to hold on to all materials for the midterm exam in January and the Final Exam in June.  Please do not recycle or throw out papers until you have checked your grades on iPASS to make sure all credit is appropriately recorded.  

Use this website for resources to help you study for each unit.  You will also find electronic versions of all notes, powerpoints, study guides, labs, reviews, basically, anything I hand out in class.  They are at the bottom of the CP2 page or Honors page, depending on which section you are in.  

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ALL CLASSES:  below are links to review games, review quizzes and video "lessons" designed by teachers, students, parents, etc. Find what works best for you and use it.  



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