Welcome to Ms. Jost's mathsite!

Answers to a few commonly asked questions...
**Yes - I give homework almost every night!  I try to assign just enough problems so students can assess their understanding of the subject, and go over the work in class the next day.
** All review packs in all classes are due each Friday, whether or not we have class .  Reviews lose 10 points every school day they are late. If there is no school on Friday, the reviews are due on Thursday (and that date is stated on the review pack).
** All classes use a calculator for most work, either in school or at home. Geometry and Concepts classes also need a protractor. Students will need their textbooks in class.
 **Parents: please email me at djost@ashland.k12.ma.us so I may include you in my class notifications, and sign up for iParent on the AHS website for updated grade info.
**If you missed the September parent-teacher night, an online copy of my handouts are on the page "Expectations, Syllabi and Textbooks".