Algebra Two (CP 2) Summer Work - for all students going into Algebra Two (CP 2) with Ms. Eburn or Mr. Wiczer

Your summer work to prepare you for Algebra Two (CP 2) is a review of some topics from algebra one: lines and systems of equations.

Watch each video and fill in the details in the outline notes in your packet.  After filling in the notes, complete the corresponding "practice problems" found at the end of the packet.  Be sure to show all your work.

The packets are due on the first day of class.  There will be a test on this material on the second day of class.

For more details regarding this assignment, please read the letter:
  • Algebra Two (CP 2) Summer Work Letter
To download a copy of the summer work packets:
If you run into any technical difficulties, or have any questions (either general about the summer work or specific questions on any topic) feel free to email either of us!   (Our email addresses are in the letter.)

Enjoy the summer and we're looking forward to meeting you in the fall!

 SectionTopic (Videos)Practice Problems
 Section 1 (Linear Functions)Slope

Equation of a Line: Slope-Intercept Form

Writing Equations in Slope-Intercept Form

Standard Form and Converting from Standard Form to Slope-Intercept Form

Converting from Slope-Intercept Form to Standard Form

Equation of a Line: Point-Slope Form

Converting from Point-Slope Form to Slope-Intercept Form

Finding Intercepts

Using Intercepts to Graph Standard-Form Lines

Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Writing Equations of Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
p. 2: 1

p. 2: 2 - 3

p. 2: 4 - 5

p. 3: 6

p. 3: 7 - 8

p. 4: 9 - 13

p. 5: 14

p. 6: 15 - 23

p. 7: 24 - 27
Section 2 (Two-Variable Systems of Linear Equations)Introduction and Solving by Graphing

Solving by Substitution

Solving by Elimination
p. 8: 1 - 4

p. 9: 5 - 6

p. 9: 7 - 10
Section 3 (Two-Variable Systems of Linear Word Problems)Number Problems (Examples 1 and 2)

Mixture Problems (Examples 3, 4, and 5)

Coin Problems (Examples 6 and 7)

Geometry Problems (Example 8)

One More Mixture Problem (Example 9)
(Watch all the videos first, then try these problems!)

p. 10: 1 - 9
Section 4 (Two-Variable Linear Inequalities) Graphing Two-Variable Inequalitiesp. 13: 1 - 3
Section 5 (Systems of Linear Inequalities) Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalitiesp. 14: 1 - 3
Section 6 (Extra Credit - Three-Variable Systems of Linear Equations)Two Variables versus Three Variables and Elimination (Example 1)
      (Click here to see what three intersecting planes looks like)

Three-Variable Elimination (Example 2)

Three-Variable Elimination (Example 3)

Three-Variable Elimination (Example 4)

Three-Variable Substitution (Example 1)

Three-Variable Substitution (Example 2)

Three-Variable Substitution (Example 3)

p. 15: 1 - 9

p. 15: 10 - 15
Section 7 (Extra Credit - Three-Variable Systems of Linear Equations Word Problems)Number Problems (Example 1) 

Coin Problems (Example 2)

Number Problems (Example 3)

Mixture Problems (Example 4)

Mixture Problems (Example 5)
(Watch all the videos, then try these problems!)

p. 16: 1 - 5

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