Mrs. Flynn's Remote Learning 6, 7, & 8 2020-2021

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Google Classroom Remote Learning Grades 6, 7, & 8  September 2020 

Mrs. Flynn Folder of Resources during Remote Learning(March -June 2020)
Extensions from Chrome that can help students complete assignments:

Read&Write for Google Chrome™ 

This extension appears as a purple puzzle piece on the right-hand corner of your child’s screen. This extension will allow your child to highlight reading material and have it read to them.  For example, in science, Mr. Prior will often assign articles from Readworks.   A student can highlight the whole passage, hit the play button and have the passage and questions read to them.  

Speech to Text Google   

Students are able to speak into a microphone and write text into a doc or google slide presentation.  

Grammarly:  The free version offers word prediction, spelling, grammar, style, and tone.

Reading Objectives include (but are not limited to) : 
 *Establishing a purpose for reading
*Making Connections
*Making Predictions
*Asking Questions
*Analyzing Cause and Effect Relationships
*Compare and Contrast
*Finding the Main Idea
*Understanding the Plot Line Diagram 
*Increasing reading fluency 
*Understanding Nonfiction Text Features 
(Title, Headings, Table of Contents, Pictures, Captions, Graphics, Glossary, and Index) 

Resources Utilized in Class
*Reading A-Z Benchmark Books
*Fountas and Pinnell 
*Action Magazine (Scholastic)  

Reading Strategies Practiced in Class that can also be done at home:
Before Reading a novel 
*Look at the picture on the front cover.
*Read the back of the book.
*What questions do you have and what are your predictions? 
*Preview new vocabulary ahead of time or make predictions based on context clues.

During Reading
*Write down questions that you have along with answers (predictions)
*Use post-it notes 
*What connections can you make to the characters or situations in the book?
*Draw pictures to encode important scenes from the book in your mind.  

After Reading
*Were your questions answered?
*Were your predictions correct?  

Additional Resources:

Reading Informational and Practice Sites:
Math Practice Sites



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