Selection Process

Guidelines for Selection to the Socios Chapter of National Honor Society

Students in the Classes of 2021 and 2022 with a G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher will receive letters inviting them to become candidates. 


In the fall of each school year, junior and senior students maintaining a grade point average of 3.5 or higher will be invited to complete a Candidate Information Form (CIF) for National Honor Society, providing they attended Ashland High School the previous semester.  An exception to this would be a student who studied abroad during the previous year but had been a student at AHS before that.  

On the CIF, students supply information about their leadership and community service activities, and write about their character.  Each category (leadership, community service, and character) is evaluated on the following basis:  4: outstanding; 3: very good; 2: average; 1:  poor; 0: section not completed. The CIFs are read by the members of the NHS Board, who are five teachers within the high school selected by the principal.

Leadership activities include, but are not limited to, being a positive role model in the classroom; being a teacher’s assistant; being a teacher in a religious setting or after-school program; being in a lead position in music, band, chorus, dance, drama, etc.; being the head of a committee, such as an elected position; being a captain of a sport or an organizer of a team for a charitable event such as the Relay for Life; being an elected officer of the class; being an Eagle Scout or completing the Silver Award in Girl Scouting; babysitting; being a supervisor at a job; or being a peer role model.

          The National Honor Society Board has established guidelines for the number of hours of community service suggested for candidates.  If a student is a candidate as a junior, the Board suggests that prior to submitting the Candidate Information Form the student will have completed 60 hours or more of documented community service to receive an evaluation of 4, 50 hours or more for a 3, 40 hours or more for a 2, and over 10 hours a 1.  For seniors, it is recommended that prior to submitting the Candidate Information Form they have completed 80 hours or more to achieve a 4; 3: 65 hours or more; 2: 50 hours; 1: between 25 and 49 hours.  

NOTE:  Due to the pandemic, for the Fall 2020 Selection, accommodations in community service hours are the following:

Seniors:  40+ hours = 4, 32+ hours = 3, 25+ hours = 2, 20+ hours = 1. 

Juniors:  30+ hours =4, 25+ hours = 3, 20+ hours = 2, 1-+ hours = 1.

For both levels of students, a 0 (zero) indicates that fewer than the recommended number of hours or no hours of service have been completed or that the hours were completed before ninth grade.

          Students will also be asked to include two letters of reference concerning their character.  At least one of these letters must come from a high school teacher.  In addition, the student will need to write a character statement about him/herself telling of his/her strengths, unique qualities and why he or she is a good candidate for NHS.

          Good luck to all potential candidates in the high school.