NHS Privileges

Students admitted to National Honor Society in their junior year will have the following privileges:
  • Provided the student has a study period first block the student may come in by 9:28 a.m. and sign in in the office in order to arrive at second block on time.
  • Students arriving by 9:28 a.m. must be quiet in the halls if they need to go to their lockers.
  • Provided the student has a last block study hall, the student may leave at 1:33 p.m. after signing out in the office.
  • Students leaving early must leave the building immediately and quietly after signing out. ¬†Once signed out, students may not remain on campus.
  • Students may lose this privilege if they are noisy in the halls when arriving late or leaving early.
  • Students may not come late and leave early in the same day (if student has study first and last periods); choose to come late OR leave early, not both. ¬†