Early American History, Honors

Summer Assignments and Expectations 2020:  

Note:  All assignments are available as scanned documents or links to online resources stored in the Summer 2020 Google Folder for Early American History, Honors.  In the first week of school  there will be an  open-notes assessment in class on the essential concepts and ideas of Chapter 3 and supplemental materials.   See assignment  instructions, terms, people and key questions, below, for guidance.  You may make a copy of this document for your note-taking but only HANDWRITTEN notes will be allowed for the in-class assessment.


  1. Read and take detailed hand-written notes on Chapter 3  of our  textbook including Sections 1 (Immigration and Slavery), 2 (The American Colonies and England), 3 (Comparing Regional Cultures), and 4 (War of Empire).  You are encouraged but not required to complete the Regional Cultures Chart for Section 3.  NOTE: I am currently seeking a digitized version of this chapter but for now, this blank and white scanned copy should be sufficient.  In addition to maps in the Powerpoint  presentation, you will  find relevant full color maps in this collection:  http://jb-hdnp.org/Sarver/Maps/us_history_maps.htm 

  1. Read and answer the questions on indentured servitude and Middle Passage accounts of Richard  Frethorne, Elizabeth Sprigs, Gottlieb Mittelberger, Olaudah Equiano and Alexander Falconbridge.  (See two assignments in the  Google Folder.) The pdf, Servitude and Slavery, is OPTIONAL recommended reading; you are not expected to answer the related questions.

  1. Review images, maps and internet links/resources  of the Powerpoint slides on Slavery and the Triangular Trade.  We will discuss these ideas at length, in class, and they may be referenced in future assessments but for the summer reading assessment there will NOT be detailed questions on the content of Powerpoint slides and/or internet sites UNLESS the content is also  covered in Chapter 3 or by Ms. Twomey, in class, prior to the assessment.  You are expected to be familiar with the content and organization of the websites before the start of school.

AP US History 

Summer Assignments and Expectations 2020:

All documents, textbook readings, supplemental materials and detailed instructions on the essay assignment will be shared electronically in a Google Folder and eventually, in our AP US History Google Classroom (invitations to join will be emailed to students this summer.)  

All students of AP US History 2020-21 will be required to complete the following summer work:  

1.  Read and outline chapters 1 (Colliding Worlds), 2 (American Experiments),  3 (The British Atlantic World) and 4 (Growth, Diversity, and Conflict) of our course textbook, America's History (Henretta, 9th Edition.)  This new textbook is fully aligned with the current College Board curriculum and exam.
2.  Read other secondary historian interpretations and primary source documents on Pre-Columbian America, The Columbian Exchange, and America's Early History. 

3.  Write a Long Essay (3-4 pages) to be turned in on the first day of school (handwritten, not typed).  

4.  There will be an open-notes assessment for all readings on the FIRST day of school (only handwritten notes will be allowed).  Email Ms. Twomey with any questions.


Starting in Summer 2016 we began using Google Classroom for AP US History and Early American History, Honors and CP2.  All students for 2020-21 will be invited to join their respective Google Classrooms by the start of the school year.  Through Google Classroom students are able to complete and turn in assignments as well as access course materials and communicate with Ms. Twomey and classmates. Assignments posted to the Classroom are automatically synced to students' Google Calendars based on the due date.

NOTE:  Parents and guardians can access Google Classroom summary information such as homework assignments and due dates; just send an email to Ms. Twomey specifying the parent/guardian name, the student's name,  and the parent/guardian's email address.  Ms. Twomey will then send an email invitation to you.

Grades:  grades are frequently updated on iPass and may be accessed through iParent and iStudent.
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Instagram:  history is around every corner!  Follow me on Instagram at ms.twomey for history photos and facts (sometimes obscure) from my travels near and far (mostly near).  Just so you know, I do not follow students but feel free to email me history-related photos from your travels. 
Whether traveling the countryside or surfing the internet, check out the
"Top 10 Historic Places from the American Revolution" by Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press) at  http://ow.ly/yQ8Yu  The list is chronological and includes explanations on the significance of each site.

In compliance with the AHS history department policy, no typed notes are allowed for homework assignments and open-notes assessments.  Under special circumstances and if accommodations are warranted students be allowed to use typed notes with prior approval from Ms. Twomey.   Contact Ms. Twomey if you have questions regarding this policy.
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