Early American History, Honors

Students planning to take Early American History, Honors level in 2021-22 can access summer work assignments and resources in this Google Folder available to members of the Ashland High School email community:


AP US History

Students planning to take Advanced Placement United States History in 2021-22 can access summer work assignments and resources in this Google Folder available to members of the Ashland High School email community:


Starting in Summer 2016 we began using Google Classroom for AP US History and Early American History, Honors and CP2.  All students for 2021-22 will be invited to join their respective Google Classrooms by the start of the school year.  Through Google Classroom students are able to complete and turn in assignments as well as access course materials and communicate with Ms. Twomey and classmates. Assignments posted to the Classroom are automatically synced to students' Google Calendars based on the due date.

NOTE:  Parents and guardians can access Google Classroom summary information such as homework assignments and due dates; just send an email to Ms. Twomey specifying the parent/guardian name, the student's name,  and the parent/guardian's email address.  Ms. Twomey will then send an email invitation to you.

Instagram:  history is around every corner!  Follow me on Instagram at ms.twomey for history photos and facts (sometimes obscure) from my travels near and far (mostly near).  Just so you know, I do not follow students but feel free to email me history-related photos from your travels. 
Whether traveling the countryside or surfing the internet, check out the
"Top 10 Historic Places from the American Revolution" by Oxford Academic (Oxford University Press) at  http://ow.ly/yQ8Yu  The list is chronological and includes explanations on the significance of each site.
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IGNORE Subpages below, which are archived, obsolete course material.  All course materials for classes are now posted to Google Classrooms.