Why should students take Unified Arts courses?

In the federal No Child Left Behind Act, also known as NCLB, the arts share equal billing with reading, math, science, and other disciplines as “core academic subjects,” which can contribute to improved student learning outcomes. Read more from Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement.

At Ashland High School we offer a wonderful array of courses for students to participate in. We currently maintain theater, band, chorus, studio art, graphic art, and computer art programs. Most of these programs offer a wide variety of topics as well as multiple semesters of study. Students can enroll in College Prep 2,  honors as well as AP classes throughout our department.

We believe every child has an artistic spark waiting to be ignited. As a department, we share a vision that each child should experience not just the required fine arts course, but a variety of fine arts courses. We never know what he or she will bring to the table, computer, or stage, but we are thrilled to be there for a student's growth in the artistic disciplines.

2013-14 Changes!

We are welcoming Ms. Talia Mercadante to Ashland High School as our new Chorus and music teacher. Please visit her website to learn about what is going on in her classroom.


The technology department is offering this original course for advanced studies in technology.