Senior Portrait Info

Our official yearbook photographer, Grynn and Barrett, will do this for you automatically.  Go to their website for more information.
If you have questions about senior portraits and poses please contact our yearbook advisors, Ms. Reap or Mr. McGowan.  
Senior Portrait Specifications:
Portraits must be vertical (no landscape photos)
Color portraits only (well lit photos!)
No props are to be used (athletic/music/other equipment; cars; etc. Unsure? contact us first)
Head shots are preferred due to size of printed photo
Attire must meet school standards

Digital images must be .8 aspect ratio, minimum 2.4 inches x 3 inches, 300 dpi
All files must be RGB jpg files - NO tif, png, psd
Portraits deemed unacceptable by the yearbook staff will not be used.
All portrait prints or digital files must be submitted by: 10/27/17
Submissions after this date will not be accepted.
Missing or unaccepted submissions will be replaced by the standard head shot taken by Grynn and Barrett on photo day.

How to send a picture to the yearbook: 
  • Follow the guidelines above
  • Send the photo file to with the student's name in the subject line. 
  • We will send confirmation of receipt. 
  • This confirmation of receipt is NOT confirmation that the photo has met all of our guidelines. 
  • Please contact us if you have concerns or questions.