6 Things Every Senior Should Know

Seniors, make sure your section in the yearbook looks just the way you want it by following these simple steps:

1. Submit your senior biographyThis is the text that will appear with your name, photograph, baby picture and signature in the senior section.


2017-2018 AHS YEARBOOK 

    1. Type your full name.
    2. Type your bio in a Google Document or Word document. 
    3. Include sections for quotes, memories, and goals.
    4. Fill in this information about yourself.
    5. Highlight headings and responses and hit ‘word count’ under the Tools menu.
    6. Make sure the character count with spaces is no more than 410 characters.**
    7. E-mail to clockeryearbook@gmail.com with subject “Senior Bio Form” and your name.
    8. Save a copy of this form for yourself.

**The yearbook staff will edit senior biographies for length and content.  If your biography is too long or has content we can’t print, we will change it.  

*We will crop your baby picture as needed.



Quote: "The best way to predict your future is to create it."

Memories: Watching tv with Tine and Laura, last day of school freshman year, summers at the Cape, prom!

Goals: Travel to every country, write for a fashion magazine, live through the zombie apocalypse  

Important dates for 2017

Senior Biography due by October 13th

Senior Portraits due by October 27th

Baby photos due by November 10th

Sibling photos due by November 10th 

Senior memories photos due by November 10th.

veryone can see how cute you were.  Follow the instructions in #7 above.


2. Submit photos to the "Memories" section.  Your cute, memorable and not so memorable memories from years gone by belong in this year's yearbook! Find old photos on Facebook, in shoe boxes, on your old computers and submit them to us! Pictures must have at least two current AHS seniors in them, and can be from any time between when you were born and now.  Email them to clockeryearbook@gmail.com and explain who is in the picture.


3. Submit photos of your clubs and activities. We are always looking for great candids.  If you have a photo of a game, meeting, activity, fundraiser, play, dance, or just hanging out at school, send it to clockeryearbook@gmail.com with the subject line "Candid photo submission" and an email explaining who is in the photo and what you were doing.  Atlhletes: We have a professional photographer at one game per year for most sports, but we want pictures of everyone on the team, especially players who didn't happen to be playing that day.  Captains should also submit a quote to the yearbook.  Email it to clockeryearbook@gmail.com.


4. Submit one baby photo and one siblings photo by Nov 10th

5. Vote for senior superlatives!  Voting is online this year.  Stay tuned for more information.

6. Buy the yearbook!  Click here to order online. This is a one-time deal. Order the yearbook this year or never get it again. Get yours before December 1st for the special sale price!